Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have a Favorite Sports team you'd like to support? What about a particular cause? Or maybe something as simple as your family's birthstones? Custom orders are welcome, or if you see one you like let me know!

Any color combination possible, no order too small & large orders are also welcome (just have to allow me a bit of time - 1 day per 5 bracelets).

Simple, fun beaded flower bracelets, chokers, anklets, & earrings.

Bracelets - $5
Earrings - $2.50
Anklets - $7
Chokers - $10

Complete matching sets - $20
Matching Earrings with any single item - $0.50 off

Shipping: $1, up to 5 items. For every additional 5 items add $1.

PayPal payments are very welcome!

Email me at for more info, put Beaded Jewelry in the Subject line so I know to not delete the message. :-)

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