Thursday, April 1, 2010


My name is Stephi in the interwebs world. I am a student, stay at home mom of two children, and Jill of many trades!!

I am currently approaching my 28th birthday and decided it was time to declutter a few things. My current life blog is getting a *bit* blogged down with a pish posh of EVERYTHING. This blog will help me condense all of that down. I am turning this blog into my "homemade" blog.

I will be posting homemade recipes, canning tips, gardening tips, sewing tips (once I get back into sewing), patterns, and a hodge podge of other similar things. I will be sharing with my readers blogs and stores of others who have their own recipes, sewing trades, and the like. Feel free to drop in at anytime and leave me a message or direct me to a site of interest! Hope to see you around!

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