Sunday, April 18, 2010

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Homegrown Ingredients :
7-8lbs pureéd tomatoes - a great variety of what I had in my garden...Roma is best, but I only had 2 this time
LARGE head of garlic - equal to about 15 cloves diced
10 small green bell peppers diced
15 small carrots chopped
handful of chopped parsley leaves
handful of chopped oregano leaves
medium red onion
two twigs of celery - yes! I FINALLY have some celery ready in my garden...its only taken 9 months since starting it from seed. :D

Ingredients I did not grow :
1/2 cup of red wine vinegar
3 T - white sugar
1 T each of ground - Marjoram, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Sage, Rosemary, Basil, black pepper, and salt
1/2 of a 46oz bottle of veggie juice - for thicker sauce also use some tomato paste - around 24oz
1 lb package of mushrooms sliced & chopped

Put all ingredients into a large pot. Simmer on low for about an hour, long enough for some of the liquid to cook down a little & release the flavors. After simmering pour into a slow-cooker, leave uncovered, or just covered with a towel, for at least 6 hours on low. Cover and continue on low for up to 8 more hours, until the sauce is thickened to your desire. Separate into containers with lids...if canning you must can it in a pressure cooker, I don't have a pressure cooker, so froze mine...I left it on the counter to cool overnight before transferring it into my freezer.


This made 4 jars of spaghetti sauce - I re-used the jars I'd saved from buying my spaghetti sauce in the past.

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